August! Art for Lunch

Kate’s uncle, Lynn Newman of Cheyenne WY, was touched by the efforts of the Hillsboro community coming together to help ease the costs of the Hillsboro School district’s hot lunch program . As a teacher, artist, and devoted family man, he has spent his life working to enrich people’s lives through art and kindness.

Lynn has donated six watercolors as an addition to the ‘Cupcakes for Lunch’ Program. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Hillsboro School to help kick start the school year. He hopes this offer not only helps Hillsboro families, but inspires local artists to participate as they’re able.

Sharing the Hope, Love and Dreams is what its all about for Lynn.

(Learn more about Lynn Newman here)

Each watercolor piece is on display at the cafe throughout the month of August.  Bidding cards are provided that can be dropped in a box below each painting.  On September 4th Kate and Derek will collect all submitted cards to announce the winning bids.  100% of all proceeds will go to the Hillsboro Public School district!

Stop in to see these beautiful works of art for yourself!



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