Cupcakes for Lunch


The Cupcakes for Lunch program was started in March of 2019 as a means to “pay it forward”.  Recognizing that the Hillsboro School District has a policy of never turning a hungry student away at lunch – regardless of account status – Kate and Derek wanted to find a way to help offset potential costs incurred in the school’s hot lunch program.

The idea of Cupcakes for Lunch was born!  Kate creates a special cupcake recipe for each month and from these sales, a portion of the proceeds are submitted to the school to support their continuing efforts to always honor students by ensuring no one is ever turned away from the lunch line.  Cupcakes are sold as singles, half dozen, or dozens, and special orders are welcome.

The project has caught on in the Hillsboro area – and as of the end of the school year, over a thousand cupcakes have sold!  Proceeds to benefit the school has surpassed all expectations and as of the end of the 2019-2020 school year, the deficit had been cleared! 🙂

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